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So, people regularly ask me about my skin care routine. I definitely have some wear and tear (thanks, motherhood) but I try to take care of my skin and want to share some great tips.

First (we all already know this) wear sunscreen. Every day. Raining? Sunscreen. Staying inside? Sunscreen. ALL THE SUNSCREEN!  When I wake up in the am I try to do this before I even leave my bedroom. I love this one by Aveeno:

It's super light, smells yummy and is really gentle on my extremely sensitive skin. Plus, it's under $20!

At night, my routine is a little more involved. I like to keep it simple still because I believe less is more. I have really delicate sensitive skin so if I overdo it, my face gets angry.

First, I love these face wipes to get all the make up off. Keep in mind, all the products I use are really gentle and as close to hypo-allergenic as I can find while still being really effective.

If that doesn't get it all, I do a quick wash with Alabu goat's milk soap. I like the Baby Me soap and buy it in bulk because really, it's the bomb and we go through it SO FAST. It's unscented, super gentle and really gets the job done.

Next I like to move onto an oil of some sort. I find face wipes can dry out my already dry skin. I love the Home Health Vitamin E oil, I scooped this one up at my local Whole Foods.

I alternate between that and the Loreal Age Perfect Glow Renewal Oil. Just a few dabs of either/or will be plenty!


Finally, I do a night cream. Sometimes I keep things really simple and do a nice thick layer of Aquaphor. If my skin is really dry, this is majorly called for. But lately I'm circling back to the Aveeno for the Absolutely Ageless night cream. It's that same gentle formula as the day cream with the scent to match and is a nice luxurious thickness that I really like without feeling caked on.

My final skin care tip is something I'm really working on -- staying hydrated. I've tried to keep a bottle of water by my side at all times so I remember to drink up. I really feel the difference on every level when I keep my intake up. A lot of days I'm pretty sure my veins are running with coffee and that's the only reason I'm standing up but I know children or not, we can all relate to that.


What are your favorite skin care tips?? I'm always tweaking my routine and am dying to know what's YOUR secret??



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